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Self-evaluation of man - is the quality that is formed by our parents. From birth, all children - little kings, which revolves around the world. One year old child is sure he is available and everything he can, you just have to ask my mother a little help. But the child grows up and hears from parents of different phrases - "you do it can not", "you're too young to understand," "how much can you repeat, what are you stupid." Then it added a school with its human evaluation system. And if you learn well - then you're good, and if you do not study is given - you're a bad, stupid and useless. And the more the child hears the evidence of its worthlessness, the more he is convinced that does not deserve love, respect. Because it grows an adult who tries to please everyone, do your job as well as possible, but, for various reasons, do not appreciate it again. No, neither the parents nor the teachers do not tend to score the child and destroy his self-esteem. All this is done and said the best of intentions. But the fact remains. Good news - the problem is solved. Raise your own self-esteem at any age. First and foremost, you need to start reading the book.

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